How to plan a trip to Europe

For many people, Europe represents lifelong travel, which means that when you are planning to travel there, it is important to prioritize all your options so that they are realistic with the time you have available.
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After doing the necessary things to make sure you have a valid passport, it’s time to plan an itinerary. Hopefully some of these top five tips can help you plan a trip to Europe effectively.

1. Make sure you establish a budget.
Yes, it’s exhausting, but unless you have a clear idea of ​​where your money can be spent and how much money you have in the first place, you won’t be the happiest traveler when you’re calling relatives for a simple loan, not half of your travels.
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Things like planning a trip to Europe are off-season, which means skipping school holidays and possibly the maximum months. If this is not possible, consider booking a cheap accommodation. Of course, a few nights in London’s Ritz is a dream for everyone, and if the budget allows it or demands it for the event, you are not suggesting you not go for it, but you can still see the city down the road.
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2. Keep a central destination as you plan your trip to Europe

There is a special part of Europe that you have a good chance of seeing above all else. If this applies to you, keep that original destination in mind when planning your trip.
Say you wanted to plan a trip to Europe, which is central to London, and you have two weeks. Perhaps you could spend the first two nights there, then travel to Ireland a few nights, spend another night in London and then travel to the Low Countries via Eurostar. Perhaps then you will want to take a budget flight to Spain and Portugal, then stay in London before going home again.
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Obviously, you can create this central destination anywhere you plan to travel to Europe. You can make it to Budapest in Hungary and then explore the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Or you can start in Copenhagen, Denmark, then travel to Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
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This particular idea may not be for everyone, but it should be kept in mind. The reason is that although it is not huge, Europe is an incredibly diverse continent, and the structure should play some important role in making the most of your time. Having a key focus is not a bad thing when you are planning to travel to Europe.

৩. Do things periodically.

If you are planning to travel to Europe, then at least break your trip and systematically explore parts of the continent if you do not follow the concept outlined above.

You do not have the sense to travel to London, then fly a few thousand miles to Greece for a few nights, only to return and spend a few days in Wales just three hours from the English capital.

Combined with the small-scale diversity of Europe can really help you here. You can see an incredible number of cultures and countries in a relatively small region – and therefore on a small budget if you plan to travel to Europe effectively.

4. Book accommodation in advance.

If you do not intend to travel “on the fly” perfectly, if you are planning a trip to Europe we would recommend booking hotels in advance. Along with the structure of adding it to your plans will give you a better idea of ​​your budget when traveling.

Doing so also eliminates the possibility of constantly moving to hotels because they have signed up “no vacancies” everywhere. You are also more likely to get good discounts with good bookings in advance.

5. Pack sensibly.

When you are planning a trip to Europe, you need to take into account the possible finality of the weather. Even before considering the terrain of Europe (parts of the mountains, the bottom of the seabed), Scandinavia will probably be much cooler than Spain, for example, no matter what time of year you go.

If your trip has the potential of getting a good deal on the continent, you are almost certain you can think of some kind of weather.

Of course, how you use the steps described above when planning your trip to Europe depends on your budget and your timeframe.

Hopefully the tips provided here will help you plan your trip to Europe without the hassle.


Protecting yourself from bed bugs

Bed bugs are small, winged insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans and pets. Their eggs are very small about the size of the post seed. Their larval grain size is about one inch long in adults, reddish brown in color and fairly flat. They live in dark crevices, like mattresses and bed frames. To date, they are not known to spread the disease.
Bed bugs have suddenly become an epidemic. Adults are fairly easy to kill but their eggs are more resistant. An adult can live without feeding for up to a year, with the problem of these insect pests virtually disappearing in the United States only 2-3 months after World War II. Why? Due to the use of DDT.
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Since then DDT has been banned in the United States, but continues to be used in many Third World countries. Global travel, flea markets and second-hand merchandisers have enabled the spread of bed bugs. Some have asked if we can only figure out the DDT for a brief period of time to get the bed bugs under control again. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), most of the bugs we are currently dealing with are from countries that still use DDT and have changed to become super bugs. They do not suck more blood, killing them is only stronger and DDT resistant.
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Care should be taken to prevent bed bugs from assisting with your beds while traveling. How do you do it Upon arrival, thoroughly inspect your hotel room.
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Pull the comforter down, pull the sheets down and inspect the sheets and mattresses, headboards and any dark cravings. You are looking for small rust colored spots. Check out any home furnishings These nasty little bugs love to travel, they are found on furniture, headboards and behind picture frames, including baseboards, even in electrical outlets. Keep your luggage in the car until you spray your hotel room with essential oils to avoid.
Bed bugs aren’t just in the hotel room. They have also been found in subway and rental cars. These are not necessarily signs of profanity or neglect. They have very travel knowledge and can expand to different temperatures; They adapt quickly to their environment and are great at finishing pest control specialists. They can spread through pipes, move in vacuum cleaners or on clothes and in luggage. They can be anywhere!
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If you employ an exterminator, you should check the chemicals they are using. Also be aware that they have to make several trips. I did some research to find effective natural pesticides and there are a few, you must look for it to find one, but the main place where the worm will hit is your bed as you really want it to lie and use whatever they have. Avoid sleeping permethrin and pyrethrin-containing pesticides and treatments, common ingredients Naguli severe skin irritation may be. They are believed by some to cause cancer with chronic exposure.
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Exotic has options. The use of essential oils for testing has proven effective at several universities in Utah. A word of caution, these tests have shown across the board that only certified treatment grades, pure and strong essential oils have a lasting impact on beds. Be a Young Brand, EOBDD Certified Essential Oils are the most powerful in the American market today. They proved successful in all the tests they conducted.
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Ically has historically been used to counteract Eucalyptus bed bugs and has been used with great success. Native Americans rely on pine needles and cedarwood chips in their mattresses to prevent these bugs and lice. Brazil’s Copaiba tree protects itself from pest infestation by its resin. The resin is taped and then Kopaiba is diluted to make the essential oil. These three essential oils can be combined to create a super bed bug spray
Super bed bug spray

10 drops copaiba essential oil

6 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Cedarrod Essential Oil
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Combine 4 weight well, filtered water in a dark glass spritzer bottle. Do not mix with distilled water. Shake well and spray on mattresses, bedding, headboards, etc. If you spray the bugs directly, it takes about 30 seconds to die.
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If you spray them indirectly (meaning they spray only in the room) it then takes 15 minutes to die. You can spread this mixture (just mix the oils and release the water) to clean a house. Make sure you treat the whole house, if you know you have a nuisance in one of your homes, then probably keep them even more. Spread your mixture for 5 minutes for 20 minutes 5 .. For 5 minutes you can run 20 minutes, 20 minutes leave, three cycles to clean a hotel room, then leave one minute and 20 minutes leave suspect in your room.
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Keep the bug free. If you have a Bad Big Bug challenge, you can supercharge this formula by adding 6 drops of oregano essential oils. Once you’ve cleaned out the bugs and sprayed your bed bug’s essential oil mixture on linen, you may want to use Spice Life Be Young Essential Oil Blend or Cinnamon Bark’s essential oil so that things don’t get too boring, these will also be much younger. Leave guests behind.
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You can choose to create bed bug repelling sachets. Buy some empty sachets or tea bags to do this. Fill with cornstarch, baking soda or Starflake salt (a pure, dendritic salt produced by B. Young). Then add about ten drops of the mixture to your bed bug. Attach a bag with a safety pin to each corner of the mattress.
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This will create a soothing aroma to enhance your sleep and prevent bugs so they don’t blow on you. These are an added bonus if you are traveling. Toss these suites into your luggage after your rest night. Any hitchhiking bugs will empty your luggage quickly or die!
When you wash your linens, 5-10 drops of your bed bug mixture, spice for life mix or even eucalyptus will be added to your wash water. This will kill any bugs or eggs in your bed. According to my research online you want to use hot water when you wash. Obviously these bugs are not a favorite of Sausson.

If you have a bite, use lavender or a combination of lavender and tea tree essential oils to help disinfect the wallets, kill the bacteria and swell. If you experience pain in the place of bite, apply a combination of essential oils of helicrism, lavender and geranium.
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A Texas girl was literally living in a bed of hair. His mother, Dana Clay Young, called AB Young Oil and asked what should be done. She gave him the bed bug mix formula; He made it, added a few drops to his shampoo and the bugs died off after one use.

Mix the essential oils in your bed bug oils, spray your room and maybe add a few bug replenishing suites to the corners of your bed and you can be sure that you can sleep tight and the beds do not bite.


Why Holiday Insurance Is Important

Every year, millions of people go on vacation around the world, and they almost never get fully insured while doing so.

Why this happens is sometimes a mystery, but more general research suggests that it is one of the following:

  • Trying to save a few dollars at holiday costs
  • Being ignorant of what may go wrong and how much it will cost to do something
  • Assuming, usually incorrectly, that someone else & # 39; Somewhere & # 39; To cover them
  • "Thought" It will never happen to me ".

Save money

In a sense, there is nothing wrong with that. It provides that you have properly sized the risk factors and decided that a small amount of money is usually worth the risk, if not thousands, of dollars that can go wrong.

If your decision is fair enough anyway, and that's fair enough – and let's hope your luck is.

Remain unaware

Deciding to save money without knowing the risks is risky.

For example, let's not stay with your family at some luxurious vacation home. Ass you may have been unlucky and broke your ankle, which means you won't be able to return home with them for a few days.

So, you lost your plane and will need another one. A member of your family is with you to help you get home on time. All told, it's going to be another flight expense and an extra night at a hotel.

Before you even blink, you may face thousands of dollars in bills. You Sure Do you need insurance?

Someone else is covering you

It is often heard in the context of thinking of people, for example, that the cover of their personal property home on holiday also covers things like their luggage and belongings.

Well, it doesn't depend on it! You don't want your luggage to be lost or stolen, and you claim in your family policy only that your claim is invalid because your belongings were out of your property.

The morals here are clear. Never assume what an existing policy can cover. Instead, check and if in doubt call your policy provider and ask.

If you think about it, travel insurance does not exist if other existing policies have already provided such cover to the policyholder.

Here's a little variable – auto travel insurance that is sometimes available from financial institutions or credit card companies. This is fine but be sure to read the cover details carefully. If it is free, it is very likely to be limited in its protection.

It will never happen to me

In the UK in 2015, approximately 500,000 holiday insurance claims were paid by the travel insurance industry.

If that doesn't make you realize that travel problems aren't just a rare occurrence, then nothing will.

Accidents, aircraft delays, thefts, cancellations for personal reasons, injuries – these things happen. While we all sincerely hope they do not win with you, it is OK to ask yourself how do you deal with it and what do they do if you have no insurance?

Perhaps you are a naturally lucky person and have no doubt that your vacation is over one day when you are on vacation. If you're not quite sure, it is worthwhile to rethink travel insurance.


California Wildfire – What to do if you're forced to move out of your home or business?

Extra Life Expense (ALE) claim

Here is a vital A.L.E. Tip!

Over the past few years, fires in the western United States have taken a terrible shape, displacing tens of thousands of people from their homes and businesses and causing billions of dollars in fire damage. But what happens when local authorities force you to evaluate when the fire is too close?

There is coverage in the ALE portion of the policy! I promise insurance companies aren't running radio and TV ads warning their policyholders about this coverage!

Here is an accurate quote from the ISO homeowners policy:

"If any civilian authorities prohibit you from using the" residence premises "as a result of a direct loss to the neighboring premises by a dangerously insured person against this policy, we will cover the additional cost of living and the fair rental cost ….. for two weeks. There will be no more. "(1)

In a homeowner insurance policy, you will usually see ALE coverage listed as coverage D Sometimes, it is called loss of use.

Extra living cost (ALE) coverage is exactly what you would expect. When you have a covered loss that makes your living space ineligible and it forces you to spend more on general operating expenses than you normally spend, Eli provides coverage.

Your policy probably reads like the following: "Extra living expenses, which means a necessary increase in the living expenses you receive so your family can maintain their standard of living".

ALE covers the following things:

A. Temporary accommodation, such as a hotel, apartment or rental home. If you live in a decent home, don't expect the insurance company to pay for the best hotel room in town. But, on the other hand, if you live in an expensive home, you should check and require that the insurance company pay for a temporary stay in kind and quality. Remember, if you have a mortgage on your home, you will need to pay the mortgage while repairs to the home. Many times the loss is fatal and the adjuster knows that you will be out of your home for weeks or months. The insurance family will save money if you keep your family in an extended stay at a hotel or short-term apartment or home lease. In addition to saving money on rent, insurance companies can pay for items in advance, and if you live in an apartment or home, you will have space to store new materials such as furniture, clothing and kitchenware.

B. Laundry If your home has laundry facilities, it will cost you more to clean your clothes. Your extra expenses have been covered

C. Food. This is where many misunderstand their claims. Of course, if you are unable to purchase and prepare your own food, you will have to pay a high price. But insurance companies generally do not pay for expensive steak dinners and high bar tabs. You need to be able to convince you about your purchase of food, so do not ship. You need to make an accurate estimate of what your family typically spends a month on food. This must include the restaurant you usually buy food from. Just remember that IL is paying for items, depending on your general standard of living. Keep a perfect record of your food purchases. If the insurance company puts you in a makeshift apartment or hotel of expertise that has a kitchen, they will stop paying for most extra meals.

D. Boarding costs for pets. Someone needs to take care of your pet when you can't stay home. It is covered.

E. Transportation costs for all your vehicles have increased. Do you have to drive your children to school because your temporary accommodation is not in the old school district? Covered. Do you have to drive to and from work? Covered. Do you have to run more physicians, dentists, ballet classes, soccer games, etc.? Increased spending is covered. Do I Keep Mechanical Records? Most office supply stores have automobile spending logbooks for sale for one or two dollars. Stop and pick one for each of your driven cars and enter each trip. Keep all receipts for every penny you spend on travel.

F. Renting furniture for temporary accommodation. You have to have chairs and beds and other accessories … even pots and bins, food and temporary electronics. However, if you have a 27 "color TV in your home, don't try to get them to rent 60% plasma flat screen TVs.

G. Transfer and storage costs. Your personal property probably wasn't damaged. Something may have been damaged, but the restoration contractor was cleaning and repairing it. Once it is cleaned and repaired, it should be stored somewhere until you return home. Covered.

H. The cost of installing a telephone or utility at your temporary residence. This may require the submission of utility companies. Don’t forget garbage pickup in your temporary place. Everything is covered. Even the TV hookups were covered only when you were in the room before your loss.

What if you were with relatives, and didn't increase your rent, and many of the other expenses mentioned above? In another scenario you just don't want to follow the process of documenting all your extra expenses. The policy gives you the option of providing a "fair rental value," which is in the & # 39; L: & # 39; residential area & # 39; The fair rental value of the part where you are low cost that does not run and when not suitable for living in the premises while inside. "

How much will your house cost? That's the question.

Before such a loss occurs in your residence and you have to make a comparison between the properties that are comparable to yours. A good real estate broker can be very helpful in strengthening these comparable properties and their monthly expenses. Once you determine the fair rental value of your home, you must subtract expenses that will not go into recovery time, such as some utilities, garbage pickup, landscaping services or maid services.

Some insurance companies will still pay for extra transportation costs, relocation costs, material savings and utilities in addition to a fair rental price. Some will let you choose ALE or Fair fare value. Find out what they are going to do with your insurance company and make your decision.

Go to the website listed in the resource box below and look for the Resources tab. Download the ALE worksheet and copy as you need. Use this as your guide to record and submit your ALA claim.

If your records and receipts are at a disadvantage, contact your utility companies, credit card companies and other or lenders and get copies of bills for the past few months. You will need these records to confirm your general operating expenses.

Last: Don't be surprised if your adjuster or claim tester tries to disqualify some of your legitimate costs. Don't just accept what the adjuster is saying. If this is a really legitimate expense, fight for it! The head of the adjuster goes to his supervisor. Keep fighting. Send them a letter insisting that they refuse you in writing at a valid expense. Once you are in possession, call your state insurance department (DOI) and file a written complaint. You never know what impact a DOI complaint will have on your claim.

(1) Office of Insurance Services, Inc., "CPCU Handbook of Insurance Policies," 2005.

Copyright 21 by Russell de Longor


Visit Ciliary Gaon for a memorable vacation expense

If you are traveling to Darjeeling, be sure to visit Celery Gaon, a small village surrounded by beautiful pine trees. Locals like to call it the new Darjeeling. Located approximately 6000 feet high, this ancient green sleeping village offers many beauty options for travelers to enjoy with their hearts & # 39; Content. The cilantro singing between the mangrove trees and forests offers a spectacular view of Kanchedjunga (the third highest peak in the world). & # 39; The Celery Sojourn & # 39; Anyone from Kanchedjunga is watching; Its incredible views and stunning scenery become overwhelmed with landscapes.

If you are a beauty seeker, Celery Village is the highest point in the village & # 39; Celery Sojourn & # 39; Take a chance to visit. From here the spectacular view of the sunny peak is mind boggling. Furthermore, the calmness around you is enough to captivate you for a long time. The name of the village is probably derived from a plant that goes by the same name – cilari. If we break the word "silari sing" into two separate parts – "cilari" and "gaon", we get the clear meaning of the place. Silari means a kind of tree and Gao means a village village. Therefore, they collectively mean – Silari plans a village. Here the tree grows in abundance. In addition to this tree, the place extends to the Cinchona Plantation. The British introduced it to the world as a medicine for malaria.

You can choose this place as the ideal vacation destination. He can spend some days delightfully in the midst of green plants and forests. Spend your leisure time looking at the cloudlets and listening to the sound of bats. The swarm of migrating birds will surely make you happy. Big butterflies flying around you, giving you an amazing feeling. The retirement cost here is also adventurous. A strange feeling catches your mind as you get there. The endless journey through the woods is truly an unforgettable experience. If you are an adventure seeker, you will enjoy it even more. Enjoy its flora and fauna. Take a tour of the restless village to get a glimpse of the villagers & # 39; Lifestyle. If you are the lucky man, you can enjoy the hospitality offered by the people of this village. You can indulge in a gentle tour of the Ramite View Point, the Tinchuli View Point and some of the points known as Damsung Fort.

Staying here a few days is not a problem. You have many hotels and lodges that provide travelers with comfortable accommodation with modern travelers. Traveling and staying here becomes expensive – when you save on the celery singing tour package (provided by a reputable travel agency).


The next level of marketing – multilevel marketing

If you have dreamed of running your own business from home on a full or part time basis … and are good with people but have little business knowledge, then Multilevel Marketing (MLM) might be for you. This is especially true if you have a minimal amount of cash to begin with.

MLM Companies & # 147; Unique & # 148; Provides products or services to its customers through its network; Distributors, who usually work from home.

Reputable MLM companies provide you with a small startup cost, all the training you need, in one form or another, and provide you with a product or service to sell. They allow you to recruit other distributors and commission their total sales.

The Federal Trade Commission of the United States warns anyone to join an MLM company that pays you for each distributor you employ, as opposed to only paying the commission for the total sales they sell. Click the & # 145; Pyramiding & # 146; And illegal.

The FTC of the United States encourages you to thoroughly research an MLM company before signing the dotted line and do not sign under pressure, instead, take the time to consider all of the details. // On this page, it also lists the seven checks that you should do before deciding whether to join.

Research is always an important component of any business venture and considering a distributor with an MLM company is no exception.

& # 147; Multilevel Marketing & # 148; Searching under the internet will provide a recipe for the results of a host of disgruntled, former MLM distributors, starting from government agencies, general information websites and encyclopedia types of sites. People who & # 147; Pro & # 148; Websites do not write on the topic of MLM because they are usually too busy to build their network.

Good side

Here are some of the benefits of finding a reputable MLM company:

– They have an established and very marketable product line or service and strive to improve or add to the existing line-up.

– Hiring new distributors will be a flowing process, and the company will not be involved in pyramiding.

– As a company, they will have a strong track record and good work ethic.

– No experience needed. A good MLM company will fully appreciate one-on-one training as well as motivational seminars and training materials. After all, in multilevel marketing, when one is successful all are successful.

– A Named MLM Company & # 147; Family & # 148; Rated, which means that crude behavior is not tolerated.

– Will provide a great bonus plan with lots of incentive for those who excel.

– Well established MLM companies need to be able to provide you with the resources to assist you in hiring, not just product sales.

– They will have a minimum start-up fee.

– A powerful support system.

– You will be led by example.

– Healthy team competition.

– There will be a successful business and marketing plan that others can duplicate successfully, assuming they apply the plan themselves and are motivated to succeed.

– Has full-time or part-time commitment.

These features will certainly include a standard multilevel marketing company, but not all reputed companies specialize in all of these fields. Some companies will be better off in certain areas than others. Do not accept the inspirational hype used by most MLM companies for recruitment.

Some MLM distributors are so trained that they have a & # 147; Come back & # 148; For almost every statement you make or concern. This is a & # 145; High-Pressure & # 146; Invitation to join Always take the time to cool down; Especially if you are excited about what you have heard. Do some research at your disposal. If the company is good, they will still be there when you wake up tomorrow; And yes, you will receive a follow-up phone call.


Although the MLM model can be a great tool for achieving what you want in life, it will be an understatement without mentioning the bad side.

– Easy to take & # 145; Taken & # 146; By a controversial MLM company. Do your research.

– If you plan to develop a network & # 150; An & # 147; Downline & # 148; & # 150; It will cost you more money than you think and will take longer than you think; Although this is a bit less than the expense and time needed to start a traditional entrepreneurial business. You will spend a lot on resources and training materials that you end up paying for the organization and your downline distributors.

– You can spend a lot of money on sleeping in your car, fueling your car, eating out, hotel rooms or neck surgery.

– Some companies insist on a minimum monthly order to maintain your distribution.

– Some companies only pay you to hire other distributors, not to their total sales volume. Be careful, this is & # 145; Pyramiding & # 146; And illegal in most countries.

– Although you may initially be led to believe that the products they sell and that you can make a lot of money with a little effort, be careful. Most traders, whether they are traditional tigers, online or MLMs, take a lot of energy and effort to succeed. Consider a rocket: 60 & # 150; 3% of the fuel is used to raise a few inches from the ground.

– Be prepared for a lot of rejection. About 80% + of the people you contact reject you.

– & # 145; Dreams & # 146; It's easy to get caught up in; And overspend because, & # 147; Winners always find a way; & # 148; Voluntarily & # 146; It is also easy to stress; Spend beyond your means

– With everything centered around it, it can easily become a profession in your life. Some distributors even refuse to attend family weddings, etc., as it falls on the same date as their MLM seminar.

– Also, like most businesses, you spend a lot more on yourself than when you started.

Final Verdict: Most business entrepreneurs face questions, & # 147; How much am I capable of and willing to lose if that doesn't work? & # 148; This is the question you need to ask yourself before coming to multilevel marketing.

And of course, what do you want from life and what are you willing to do to get it?

If you help others succeed so that you can be successful, willing to take on the risks associated with doing business for yourself, even on a part-time basis and agree to be prepared for the long haul, multilevel marketing is simply the tool you need to find your business and life goals. Doing it

Here's to success!


Human trafficking is America's problem too

Trafficking occurs more often than people, and it is a growing global problem. It is not only selling women, but children as well as men. Their lives have been completely taken away from them, and they will carry emotional signs from experience forever even if they are able to be rescued.

Can you picture terror as a child (or anyone) trapped in the world of human trafficking? Procedures for forcing these innocent people to be obliged to threaten to harm them (starvation, violence, etc.) and / or to threaten their families. Although there are laws to judge people who sell money for money, governments around the world struggle to find all who should be oppressed.

There are places online, such as the FBI official site, services to assist victims and provide a place to report human trafficking. Has anyone forced you to stop using threats to harm you or your family? It is a form of human trafficking. Taking someone's passport, birth record or other identification documents for sexual activity may be considered human trafficking.

There are many services available to assist victims whether they are in the United States or other countries, providing clothing, housing, food and treatment services through the Affordable Specialist Program. The thirteenth amendment to the US Constitution states that no one should be enslaved or forcibly punished for any crime other than the obligation of immoral volunteerism.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 25 made it possible for foreign victims, especially temporary victims, to gain temporary legal status in the United States. But how are these national international (and domestic) victims identified and assisted? What are some signs that someone may be forced into human trafficking?

How are their living quarters – are they free to come and go, there are bars in the windows, cameras are watching their houses? Impossible small is just tips? Do they have modesty? Their behavior – How is their mental and mental health? Are you very scared when it comes to police matters and avoiding eye contact? Now how does a person's overall health – do they seem to be underweight, refuse medical help or show any signs of physical abuse? What do they mean, they have personal IDs (such as birth records, passports) and any property controls?

The Polaris project showed that on December 5, 2009, all data (all fifty states) were obtained from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center:

  • The call center received 21,947 calls

  • Web form 1535 (online form)

  • Email 1,275

  • Free Text Line 1,472 SMS messages remain

  • From the above signals there were 5,973 cases that were referred to probable cases

  • There were 212 cases abroad

  • More than 100,000 survivors reached out for help, which increased by 24 per cent over 20

Take a look at the total case from December 1, 26, to December 5, 20, because there have been a total, 1 web form,, 3 emails, and 6,3,3 calls. The three top types of sex trafficking areas are commercial, front brochures, hotel / motel-based, residential brothels, and the top three labor trafficking industries – charter, travel sales crew and restaurant / food service. There were 25,677 cases, while there were 24,920 cases with high indexes, and 27,533 with medium indexes, indicating that there were multiple indicators, or similar to trafficking situations.

It is estimated that there are 1.2 million children forced into human trafficking, and one woman or child is forced into human trafficking every ten minutes. It is estimated that industrialized, transactions amounted to 20,000, countries transactions were 2,5,000, while human trafficking at any time resulted in 2.5 million.


Truth or consequence, can your xerophobia come back to bite you?

No matter where you go, germs and bacteria surround you, and so does the media saturated story about hidden germs in hotel rooms and the everlasting spread of foreign and external and even lethal viruses in hotel rooms. We are obsessed with germs and bacteria, but the bacteria are everywhere – inside us and inside us. And although we know that not all bacteria are harmful, we are constantly trying to eliminate them … the consequences will be damned!

Creeping in: How the seeds of xermaphobia were sown

Our national obsession with germs and bacteria had begun long before the Civil War, but it seems to have roots in New York City's primary public health campaign. With the invention of clean drinking water and new sewage system, a new level of awareness came about the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene, and the hidden health threat posed by dirty, unhealthy conditions.

Many of our beliefs around germs and diseases have been fueled by the work of Pierre Bechamp and later, Louis Pastor. The pastor is well known as the scientist who brought us "germ theory" and led us to believe that germs from the outside world invade our bodies and cause "disease", which is why we have to kill them before they kill us. In a sarcastic twist, it turns out that Pastor stole some of Beckhamp's work, who proved that it was "terrain" (meaning the inside environment of your body) that was more important than germs. The pastor made a name for himself by distorting Beckhamp's work and insisting it was on the other side. When he died, he acknowledged that "germs are nothing, terrain is all".

With the success of Pasteur's initial public health campaign on "germ theory," a new generation of homemade cleansers, personal care products, and drugs designed to kill bacteria and germs were born. Extensive research by Julianne Civulkar, presented in Stranger to Dirt: American Cultural History of Advertising Personal Hygiene, introduced some "anti-microbial" advertisements in the early 1875s and has been throughout the twentieth century.

We have come to rely on growing bleach, ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, and anti-bacterial (and potentially toxic) products without any guidance on how to lead a healthy life and better manage the biological challenges we may face. Most recently, our Sanitizer Ab Anti-bacterial soaps to increase our fears. These products now contain worrisome ingredients such as triclosan, the derivative of Agent Orange, whose overuse is creating a new resistant strain of bacteria or "super bugs." Ironically, these super bugs pose an even greater threat to our future ability to prevent infections and diseases, which begs the question whether our fear of germs can really help us or inadvertently hurt us? Knowing our "germophobia" lineage, it is not difficult to understand how misguided science work has reached us at this moment with greater commercial interests.

Xermaphobia: The Good, the Bad and the Poor

There is no question that there are harmful bacteria that can make you very sick and even kill you – the mustard and swine flu strains seem to be the latest threat. However, we cannot let our fears about these viruses blind us to the potential harm that comes from trying to kill all the germs and bacteria (real or imagined). Or, more importantly, will we pay the hidden price when we use a product or take a drug designed to kill "bad" bacteria, but also kill "good" bacteria in the process?

Our intestines are infused with "good" bacteria (gut flora) that help break down food so that the body can use its nutrients. Most "good" bacteria in your digestive system also protect you from other infections such as food poisoning and yeast infections that increase the amount of excess sugar in your gut. When you have an infection (such as a bladder or upper respiratory tract infection), the antibiotics that your physician prescribes kill the bacteria, both good and bad. When you can rid yourself of one problem, in killing "good" bacteria, you may end up with another problem. Women often get yeast infections as a direct result of taking antibiotics for other infections. They are then given a separate antibiotic to address that problem and the cycle lasts. Or, as is often the case, the condition can only come back months or even years.

This phenomenon can have significant consequences when it is widely publicized, as it did in 2007, when there was a massive outbreak of drug-resistant staph infections. While this has become an ongoing problem in hospitals, the prevalence of these levels is rarely seen in schools or even in lockers rooms of professional sports teams. Thanks to our endless use of antibiotics, this bacterial strain has become resistant to what it was used to first. The result? Every year in the U.S., we lose about 18,000 people to this type of infection. Ironically, the only cure is to further the cycle by creating powerful (and theoretically better) antibiotics.

The good news is that science is starting to recognize that we have come a long way with antibiotics and are looking at using gentle, safe plant-based alternatives. Tea tree essential oils, featuring its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, have shown the promise of various studies as a safe and effective way to kill "bad" bacteria without destroying the "good". It is widely used in Australia (where it grows greatly) for the successful treatment of conditions such as East infection and athlete's foot.

Medical aromatherapy reputed expert. Daniel Pennell points out in his book "Life Helping Life" that tea tree oil (Melauccia alterifolia) has considerable potential as an antibacterial agent, but it is different than just the invasive conventional antibiotic. Destructive bacteria. It was "made from life to help life," so it knows what it does. Other essential oils that promise the treatment of bacterial infections include thyme, oregano and clove buds. And several other essential oils that feature anti-viral have been identified as potent immune system defenders. To put things into perspective, studying the use of essential oils in the treatment of illness and disease is an essential part of the curriculum in medical schools in France, indicating their validity as a valid alternative.

The world is incredibly full of bacteria. Both modern treatment and society have crossed the boundaries of intelligent practice in their own approach to communication. Only with one step and openly adopting natural alternatives will it be possible to successfully launch the tide of today's threatening antibiotic-resistant infections.

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Weight control is a serious problem

Short-term strategies to create a certain weight can cause long-term problems for gymnasts with anorexia and bulimia.

Weight control strategies should only be started and practiced under the direct supervision of the physician. No one and I do not mean to imply that an athlete (or person) can just blindfold and make an accurate assessment of weight loss issues and dietary requirements.

"Weight" is largely irrelevant. Muscles tend to be more fat than weight, as a result, a "fit" gymnast can now weigh more than his body fat. The gymnast may be in better shape though he is currently overweight by scale.

The ratio of lean muscular tissue to fat is most important, especially for athletes where the ratio of weight to strength is important in the performance of some skills. Also, the long-term effects of repetitive exercise can increase the likelihood of a quick injury in an athlete that can weigh a few pounds.

In my opinion, it is not advisable for a trainer or even a gymnast to change their diet without having to evaluate the treatment to find out the ratio of gymnastics to treatment.

Finding the ratio of the fat to the muscle tissue to the pelvis, the use of skin calipers at certain anatomical locations, can help determine the baseline score of weights or measurements.

In conjunction with the next stage of testing, diet intake and the severity of workout severity, a specialist can be evaluated by the treatment professional to determine the correct action from the dietary location. If the results suggest a change in diet, that change should only be in the advice and guidance of a qualified nutritionist.

Again, both of these methods should be done by someone who is medically qualified to assess the gymnast's physical condition.

During my many years of coaching, I have seen and heard a number of weight loss fantasies suggested by supportive coaches that ultimately had no impact on the athlete's anatomy, but I wondered, what did it cost for the child's self-esteem?

I remember the night before the meet for a state championship. Everyone was getting ready for bed in their hotel room, and gymnasts were waiting for the yogurt breakfast before the light. Forgetting to have a spoon with their breakfast, I opted for some pot shakes and to take the girls home.

Breaking security protocols, and basic common sense, other girls in a gymnastics room opened the door to the hotel room in my first knack before hiding the suitcases filled with all kinds of candy, potato chips, licorice, cupcakes.

Upon realizing that at least the next month my car was blown to "head" coaches and I washed them, I warned them that the next day they would do better at the conference or there could be negative consequences.

They did great in meetings.

And, as a coach, I realized that every gymnast, and usually his mom, has the most control over the athletes' diet.

The mother has control over what food she buys and the food she eats for the family (However, it is not sexist. Mom is still in charge of providing family finance and making decisions for dinner))

Also, I have never seen a child from infancy to adolescent eat anything they never wanted to eat. They either sprinkle it as a baby or drive the mother crazy until they finally dump the Brussel sprouts in the trash.

In the end, at home, school, and social activities, the athlete chooses his eating choices.

A person's weight is a very personal problem. Sensitive comments about weight can have lasting psychological effects.

The best food for competitive gymnasts is to provide good food choices at home, at school, and on the road; A good nutrition education; Knowledge of how nutrition can help achieve its competitive goals and a support system of parents, coaching staff and qualified medical staff. The implications of any weight loss program for children and adolescent athletes should be closely monitored

Warning: Playing games with weight loss and dieting can negatively impact your child's metabolism and ability to maintain a healthy weight throughout his or her life. Always check with qualified treatment professionals before starting any weight loss program.


Adirondacks Travel Guide for travelers to Lake George

Although many historically significant sights are on Lake George, there are several important places, including the city of Bolton, Bolton Landing, Ticonderoga and Glens Falls, which cannot spend more than an hour.


Road 9N is a short drive from Lake George Village to the city of La Bolton.

Characterized by rolling hills and steep hills, which are part of the Cadherosas Range, the Town of Bolton contains 26.7 miles of Lake George's 5 square miles and most of its islands.

The prehistoric Stone Age Woodland Indians first lived, who traveled through the Lake George Valley between 10,000 and 5,000 BC, witnessing this first white man as Father Isaacs Joggs and his two assistants, who traveled the Indian way to the lake. , It was awarded the title "Lac du Saint Sacrament" on 30 May 1646.

Early settlers were leading New Englanders such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, who carried their earthly possessions into the caravan of foot and ball, and planted their initial roots that became the Lake George Valley. The conflicts and dangers call for the distances between the opposing Indian, predatory animals and the French and the struggle between the Indian and the American Revolutionary War.

Farms and families brought structure and stability to the Bolton Desert between 1786 and 1790 Fi fields were cleared. The homes were built of logs. Crops such as grain, wheat and rye were started from the ground, and piles, maple and spruce trees were cut into mills, the strength of which provided the five major brooks.

Separated from Thurman in 1997, Bolton occupied the position of an autonomous city with a population of about six. In the late nineteenth century, the beauty of the region began to attract tourists, with a summer of lodges and hotels that expanded, and with the introduction of steamboat service on the 1817 lake, its accessibility improved significantly.

A separate town called Bolton Landing was established in the late 1800s because its deeper waters could accommodate larger steamboats forever. Both lake and rail travel facilitated seasonal tourism, especially for the wealthy, who often visited grand hotels frequently, but eventually purchased their own lakeshore land. They quickly supported the summer mansion, ten miles from Caldwell to Bolton Landing, earning the title "Millionaire's Row" today.

The two sights provide a deeper glimpse.

Bolton or The Historical Museum:

Located on Main Street and a church in the Town of Bolton, by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany in 6767, a certificate was given by the New York State Department of Education on July 3, three years after the Bolton or Historical Museum.

"Our goal is to educate residents and visitors about the history of Bolton, Lake George and its surrounding areas," according to the museum. "The museum showcases an extensive collection of regional artifacts and souvenirs, and we sponsor a summer lecture series with the Darien Fresh Water Institute in Bolton Landing."


Sagamore Resort is a vast, amenities-lakeside complex with a ulent historical roots.

Identifying its origins in 1883, it took the initial concept form when hotel operators Myron and Brown were inspired to create an exclusive resort community in the Adirondacks. With four Philadelphia millionaires, who spent their summers in state reservoirs on the west bank of the lake, he purchased the Green Island and formed the Green Island Development Agency.

It opened its doors in 1883 and quickly became the social hub of Green Island, along with veterans, celebrities, government officials, and international clients.

It was rebuilt in 1893 and 1914 by two firefighters, but continued to serve guests such as Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Governor Thomas E. Dew, who chaired the 9th National Governor's Conference.

Nevertheless, the changing circumstances and the loss of clientel property led to degradation and disappointment, and it closed permanently in 1981, but here "permanent" has been translated only in two years. Marking its centennial, Philadelphia builder and real estate developer Norman Olgin achieved it and brought it back to its former glory.

According to the hotel, "Sagamore Resort in Lake George is a prestigious hotel and has a prestigious history dating back to the 1880s," the hotel reported. Situated on a private 5-acre island just miles০ miles north of Albany, the Sagamore families, celebrities and celebrities together have organized the signature of a century ago by Myron and Brown, along with an inspiring setting in the heart of the Adirondackhouses, featuring our historic Lehigh Valley. , Award-winning dining … and p Everyday extraordinary guest experience promises to make your function at your leisure to enjoy the water and land with a relatively not selected, sagamora one-year family vacation, weekend gateways and somehow Ground Lake George Resort is ideal for events.

Its benefits are numerous: 39 392 rooms in historic hotels, lodges, castles and hermitage buildings; A 70-acre island location; Eight restaurants and lounges; An 18-hole Donald Ross-designed golf course; Opal Spa and Saloon; Four tennis courts; A fitness center and fitness classes; 95,000 gallons outdoor infinity pool; 10,000 square feet of entertainment center; And a 90-minute cruise on his own 72-foot boat, "The Morgan"

Fort Ticonderoga

Probably the most important and perfectly restored view of the Adirondacks is the Fort Fort Ticonderoga, which is about 40 miles north of Lake George Village via Road 9N.

Land, and especially that which could yield considerable wealth, was the single most important incentive that led people to place their demands on it, and both England and France did exactly that in North America, each seeking to expand its empire and exploit wood. Committed, always ignore most existing Native Americans. They needed protection with their claims. In the British case, this protection took the form of a series of fortifications in the Hudson River and, in the case of the French, a waterway connected to its fur trade network, as well as a similar castle.

Although the Ticonderoga Peninsula was called the "Carillon" by the French on the outskirts of their territory, it was an important point, and by the mid-1700s, the ancient forests of the Lake George area were replaced by European power wrestling with each other for supremacy. Human conflict is transformed into chaos.

What was needed initially, called Fort Carillon, arose after the French were defeated in the Battle of George Lake in 1735, and failed the British invasion of the Marquis de Lotbinier on two lanes of Lake Champlain and two miles. Portage from Lake George's Outlet.

The star-shaped castle, which lies on the La Lat River, with a winter barracks capacity of 400 birds between the Zor and Champlain lakes and lakes, was considered as the ultimate defense weapon of the 18th century. Initially earth-strong logs were built, but later protected by stone bases from nearby quarries, surrounded by a bakery, a brewery, an oven and a brick kiln with an external external support structure beneath it.

Snakes on the banks of the La Chute River were able to cut wood to build both castles and boats ("Batax" in French) that they provided after docking in the northern and southern shores.

Soldiers practiced the drill at the Place de Arms, surrounded by barracks and four-story dwelling ovens, powder magazines, ice storage areas, dungeons and reservoirs. Fort-surrounding defenses include redbouts in the north and west, and a battery located on Mount Hope.

Tent cities provide shelter to summer garrisons.

Massachusetts soldier Eli Forbesch once remarked, "The power of the castle has surpassed you in the most vivid imagination. N nature and art combine to make it indescribable."

Attacked six times during the two wars, Fort Carillon never suffered direct injuries to its walls, though it was weakly reduced two times when it was unable to maintain supply lines.

Among its significant historical milestones, more than 8,000 French, Canadians, and Native Americans left to invade British-occupied Fort William Henry in 1757; About 2,000,000 British troops were killed when French positions were attacked in July of this year, considered the bloodiest war in America since the Civil War; And Lord Jeffrey Amherst drove the French away, leading a powerful attack in 1759, but not until its powder magazine was blown up.

Rebuilt and for the next 16 years in the hands of the British, it was named "Fort Ticonderoga", an Iroquois term meaning "between two waters" or "where the water meets".

Three weeks after the battle of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, along with members of their Green Mountain Boys militia, crossed the Champlain lake from Vermont on May 10, 1775, launching a dawn attack on the sleepy British. The garrison that was considered the first successful and significant American victory during that conflict.

William Ferris, a New York merchant, began leasing the base of the fort in Pell, and four years later purchased a military post. About a century later, Sarah and Stephen Pell began work on one of America's earliest recovery projects. Opened to the public at an event attended by President Taft, it was designated one of the first National Hist Historical Landmarks in ১৯6666.

"Discover one of North America's finest collections of 18th-century military material culture," enthuses the museum. "Art, weapons and equipment displayed in the barracks of the soldier documents the largest collection of eighteenth-century artillery in North America and Europe, mounted on the walls of Fort Ticonderoga."

The Lamp House Welcome Center, Lake Champlain and Vermont have guides, information, elaborate gift shops and America's Fort Café overlooking the Green Mountains and lead it to the original castle, where activities include demonstrations, tours, candy and cannons, sewing, shoemaking, tailoring. , And playing chicken and drums.

Other attractions include King's Garden, a 75-minute boat cruise to "Carillon" and the Mount Defiance to see the military landscape of the fort.

The Hyde Collection

Twelve miles south of Lake George (exit 18 on the New York State Thruway) on Warren Street in the town of Glens Falls, the area's attractions shift from Hyde's 18th-century history to 20th-century art.

It was raised in 1865. Founded by Samuel Prune and Jeremiah Fink Fink, Pruin and the company, this Glenn Falls paper concerns production, thus setting the foundation for family wealth and community well-being. Two years later, daughter Charlotte Prune was born into one of the region's premier industrial families.

Toward the end of the decade, now a young man himself, he met Louis Fiske, a Harvard law student, who finished high school in Boston, and they married at 12. But after his Boston law practice quit four years later, he and Charlotte returned. At Glens Falls, where he took the position of co-president of Finch, Pruin and Company.

After adapting the American Renaissance tradition to American taste in American architecture, he did it with his two sisters, the Hudson River and the Family Mill in three houses built between 9 and 12.

বিভিন্ন ধরণের ইউরোপীয় গ্রীষ্মের ভ্রমণের সাথে সম্পদ একত্রিত হয়ে শিল্পের মারাত্মক সংগ্রহের সূত্র হয়ে ওঠে এবং পরবর্তী বিশ্বাসের চুক্তিটি নিশ্চিত করেছিল যে এটি এবং সেইসাথে যে ঘরটি প্রদর্শিত হয়েছিল, এটি যাদুঘর হিসাবে রক্ষণাবেক্ষণ করা হবে যা জনসাধারণের জন্য উন্মুক্ত হয়েছিল 1963 সালে মনোনীত হাইড হাউস, এটি 21 বছর পরে Histতিহাসিক স্থানের জাতীয় নিবন্ধে তালিকাভুক্ত হয়েছিল।

জাদুঘরের দাবি, "প্রতি বছর 5,000 টিরও বেশি শিল্পকর্ম এবং বছরে দশটিরও বেশি প্রদর্শনীর সংকলন, হাইড সংগ্রহটি এই অঞ্চলের প্রিমিয়ার ভিজ্যুয়াল আর্ট প্রতিষ্ঠান" is "গিল্ডেড বয়স সংগ্রাহক শার্লট এবং লুই হাইডের দ্বারা প্রতিষ্ঠিত, যাদুঘরে তাদের historicতিহাসিক বাড়ি অন্তর্ভুক্ত রয়েছে। প্রশস্ত, মার্জিত কক্ষগুলিতে, আলংকারিক কলাগুলির একটি বিস্তৃত সংগ্রহ, বিরল বই এবং মধ্যযুগীয়, রেনেসাঁ, ইউরোপীয় এবং আমেরিকান শিল্পের একটি বিশিষ্ট সংগ্রহ প্রদর্শিত হয়েছে । "

বাড়িটিতে একটি ডাইনিং রুম, একটি উঠান, একটি গ্রন্থাগার, অতিথি শয়নকক্ষ এবং প্রধান স্তরের একটি অভ্যর্থনা ঘর এবং সবুজ অতিথি ঘর, সঙ্গীত ঘর, পূর্ব অতিথি শয়নকক্ষ এবং উপরের দিকে মিসেস হাইডের শয়নকক্ষ অন্তর্ভুক্ত রয়েছে স্তর এবং তাদের দেয়ালগুলি আঁকাগুলিতে আঁকা আছে রেমব্র্যান্ড, অ্যালবার্ট বিয়ার্স্টাড্ট, টমাস ইকিনস, রেনোয়ার, রুবেনস, পিকাসো, বোটিসেল্লি, এল গ্রেকো এবং ডেগাস টু হোমার থেকে।

সংযুক্ত শিক্ষা শাখায় অতিরিক্ত গ্যালারী, শ্রেণিকক্ষ, একটি আর্ট স্টুডিও এবং বক্তৃতা, গ্যালারী টক এবং ওয়ার্কশপগুলির জন্য একটি মিলনায়তন রয়েছে।

নিবন্ধ সূত্র:

ট্যাকেট, পল "লেকের দৈত্য।" "নিউইয়র্কের অ্যাডিরনড্যাক্সের লেক জর্জি অঞ্চলটি দেখুন" " ওয়ারেন কাউন্টি পর্যটন বিভাগ, 2019।