The next level of marketing – multilevel marketing

If you have dreamed of running your own business from home on a full or part time basis … and are good with people but have little business knowledge, then Multilevel Marketing (MLM) might be for you. This is especially true if you have a minimal amount of cash to begin with.

MLM Companies & # 147; Unique & # 148; Provides products or services to its customers through its network; Distributors, who usually work from home.

Reputable MLM companies provide you with a small startup cost, all the training you need, in one form or another, and provide you with a product or service to sell. They allow you to recruit other distributors and commission their total sales.

The Federal Trade Commission of the United States warns anyone to join an MLM company that pays you for each distributor you employ, as opposed to only paying the commission for the total sales they sell. Click the & # 145; Pyramiding & # 146; And illegal.

The FTC of the United States encourages you to thoroughly research an MLM company before signing the dotted line and do not sign under pressure, instead, take the time to consider all of the details. // On this page, it also lists the seven checks that you should do before deciding whether to join.

Research is always an important component of any business venture and considering a distributor with an MLM company is no exception.

& # 147; Multilevel Marketing & # 148; Searching under the internet will provide a recipe for the results of a host of disgruntled, former MLM distributors, starting from government agencies, general information websites and encyclopedia types of sites. People who & # 147; Pro & # 148; Websites do not write on the topic of MLM because they are usually too busy to build their network.

Good side

Here are some of the benefits of finding a reputable MLM company:

– They have an established and very marketable product line or service and strive to improve or add to the existing line-up.

– Hiring new distributors will be a flowing process, and the company will not be involved in pyramiding.

– As a company, they will have a strong track record and good work ethic.

– No experience needed. A good MLM company will fully appreciate one-on-one training as well as motivational seminars and training materials. After all, in multilevel marketing, when one is successful all are successful.

– A Named MLM Company & # 147; Family & # 148; Rated, which means that crude behavior is not tolerated.

– Will provide a great bonus plan with lots of incentive for those who excel.

– Well established MLM companies need to be able to provide you with the resources to assist you in hiring, not just product sales.

– They will have a minimum start-up fee.

– A powerful support system.

– You will be led by example.

– Healthy team competition.

– There will be a successful business and marketing plan that others can duplicate successfully, assuming they apply the plan themselves and are motivated to succeed.

– Has full-time or part-time commitment.

These features will certainly include a standard multilevel marketing company, but not all reputed companies specialize in all of these fields. Some companies will be better off in certain areas than others. Do not accept the inspirational hype used by most MLM companies for recruitment.

Some MLM distributors are so trained that they have a & # 147; Come back & # 148; For almost every statement you make or concern. This is a & # 145; High-Pressure & # 146; Invitation to join Always take the time to cool down; Especially if you are excited about what you have heard. Do some research at your disposal. If the company is good, they will still be there when you wake up tomorrow; And yes, you will receive a follow-up phone call.


Although the MLM model can be a great tool for achieving what you want in life, it will be an understatement without mentioning the bad side.

– Easy to take & # 145; Taken & # 146; By a controversial MLM company. Do your research.

– If you plan to develop a network & # 150; An & # 147; Downline & # 148; & # 150; It will cost you more money than you think and will take longer than you think; Although this is a bit less than the expense and time needed to start a traditional entrepreneurial business. You will spend a lot on resources and training materials that you end up paying for the organization and your downline distributors.

– You can spend a lot of money on sleeping in your car, fueling your car, eating out, hotel rooms or neck surgery.

– Some companies insist on a minimum monthly order to maintain your distribution.

– Some companies only pay you to hire other distributors, not to their total sales volume. Be careful, this is & # 145; Pyramiding & # 146; And illegal in most countries.

– Although you may initially be led to believe that the products they sell and that you can make a lot of money with a little effort, be careful. Most traders, whether they are traditional tigers, online or MLMs, take a lot of energy and effort to succeed. Consider a rocket: 60 & # 150; 3% of the fuel is used to raise a few inches from the ground.

– Be prepared for a lot of rejection. About 80% + of the people you contact reject you.

– & # 145; Dreams & # 146; It's easy to get caught up in; And overspend because, & # 147; Winners always find a way; & # 148; Voluntarily & # 146; It is also easy to stress; Spend beyond your means

– With everything centered around it, it can easily become a profession in your life. Some distributors even refuse to attend family weddings, etc., as it falls on the same date as their MLM seminar.

– Also, like most businesses, you spend a lot more on yourself than when you started.

Final Verdict: Most business entrepreneurs face questions, & # 147; How much am I capable of and willing to lose if that doesn't work? & # 148; This is the question you need to ask yourself before coming to multilevel marketing.

And of course, what do you want from life and what are you willing to do to get it?

If you help others succeed so that you can be successful, willing to take on the risks associated with doing business for yourself, even on a part-time basis and agree to be prepared for the long haul, multilevel marketing is simply the tool you need to find your business and life goals. Doing it

Here's to success!