Human trafficking is America's problem too

Trafficking occurs more often than people, and it is a growing global problem. It is not only selling women, but children as well as men. Their lives have been completely taken away from them, and they will carry emotional signs from experience forever even if they are able to be rescued.

Can you picture terror as a child (or anyone) trapped in the world of human trafficking? Procedures for forcing these innocent people to be obliged to threaten to harm them (starvation, violence, etc.) and / or to threaten their families. Although there are laws to judge people who sell money for money, governments around the world struggle to find all who should be oppressed.

There are places online, such as the FBI official site, services to assist victims and provide a place to report human trafficking. Has anyone forced you to stop using threats to harm you or your family? It is a form of human trafficking. Taking someone's passport, birth record or other identification documents for sexual activity may be considered human trafficking.

There are many services available to assist victims whether they are in the United States or other countries, providing clothing, housing, food and treatment services through the Affordable Specialist Program. The thirteenth amendment to the US Constitution states that no one should be enslaved or forcibly punished for any crime other than the obligation of immoral volunteerism.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 25 made it possible for foreign victims, especially temporary victims, to gain temporary legal status in the United States. But how are these national international (and domestic) victims identified and assisted? What are some signs that someone may be forced into human trafficking?

How are their living quarters – are they free to come and go, there are bars in the windows, cameras are watching their houses? Impossible small is just tips? Do they have modesty? Their behavior – How is their mental and mental health? Are you very scared when it comes to police matters and avoiding eye contact? Now how does a person's overall health – do they seem to be underweight, refuse medical help or show any signs of physical abuse? What do they mean, they have personal IDs (such as birth records, passports) and any property controls?

The Polaris project showed that on December 5, 2009, all data (all fifty states) were obtained from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center:

  • The call center received 21,947 calls

  • Web form 1535 (online form)

  • Email 1,275

  • Free Text Line 1,472 SMS messages remain

  • From the above signals there were 5,973 cases that were referred to probable cases

  • There were 212 cases abroad

  • More than 100,000 survivors reached out for help, which increased by 24 per cent over 20

Take a look at the total case from December 1, 26, to December 5, 20, because there have been a total, 1 web form,, 3 emails, and 6,3,3 calls. The three top types of sex trafficking areas are commercial, front brochures, hotel / motel-based, residential brothels, and the top three labor trafficking industries – charter, travel sales crew and restaurant / food service. There were 25,677 cases, while there were 24,920 cases with high indexes, and 27,533 with medium indexes, indicating that there were multiple indicators, or similar to trafficking situations.

It is estimated that there are 1.2 million children forced into human trafficking, and one woman or child is forced into human trafficking every ten minutes. It is estimated that industrialized, transactions amounted to 20,000, countries transactions were 2,5,000, while human trafficking at any time resulted in 2.5 million.